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We welcome you to the Egyptian Psychic Journey

Unbelievable accuracy. Guaranteed.

Wagih Samweil is the founder of Egyptian Psychic Journey.  Born in a town along the Nile in Upper Egypt, Wagih (otherwise known as Sam) uses his inherited, authentic psychic skills to intuitively sense, identify and interpret information, energies and knowledge to come up with a tailor made solution to help you deal with your specific problem or issue.

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Wagih has lost count of the number of people over the years that have unfortunately come to him AFTER they have had a bad experience with someone in his industry.

You deserve someone that you can trust to genuinely and properly help you … no fluff, no crystal balls, no lies or gimmicks … just


Dear Sam

I came here with lots of ‘clouded’ thoughts in my mind … no sense of direction, very confused … but I am walking out with a clear mind … the dark clouds are gone. I feel light and I am certainly optimistic about what’s in store for me in the future.

Thank you very much. You are a beautiful soul and God bless.

Shree, Australia (Reading and Cleansing)

To dear Wagih

Thank you very much for doing your wonderful reading for me. Whatever you’ve said was spot on and thank you for all your help in solving my problems.

Anna, Australia

Dear Sam

You are indeed a marvel for me. I have been at the abyss and with your help, faith and gift I feel healed. I also feel stronger and more courageous.

Thank you so much for not only your help but for being patient when I’ve panicked. I would truly be honoured to call you friend.

Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for fixing up my families life. I’m so happy to see my parents happy again.You’ve made our life the best, no more being depressed =)

Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Sanita, Australia

Sam has amazed me from the start because he knew straight away about my story of my relationship that has caused me so much happiness and so much pain too.

He told me to believe that the relationship would work out and although I felt hopeless about it, I tried my hardest to believe. And then everything he said began to come true and I have been amazed and I feel so blessed.

If it wasn’t for Sam I would have given up hope. It is really a miracle to me that my love has returned and Sam has been there for me right through it.

Thanks so much Wagih.

Debra, Australia

Thank you for a sensitive and very accurate reading of my issues – you went straight to the problem and I trust you will help me resolve it.

Bless you.

Judy, Australia

To Dear Sam

Thank you very much for the reading. You were very accurate, realistic and straight to the point. Your advice was very worthwhile and wise.

Basically everything you mentioned in regards to my feelings/emotions, relationships, influences and work issues were spot on and I could relate to or understand where it was coming from. I will continue to visit you for future guidance. Thanx heaps.

Kelly, Australia (Reading and Cleansing)

Dear Sam

With your help, support and guidance you have helped our whole family turn our lives around. Words certainly cannot express how much you mean to me and my family.

Thanks you always.

Helen, Australia


What can I say!!

I came to see you with hope and trepidation and they have both turned into belief and reality. Everything I hoped for I now believe I’m on the road to finding it, and everything I was hesitant about I’m experiencing in the most positive way.

There are all types of people in this world and i thank God that our paths crossed and I’m so better for it. May you and your family always have health, love and happiness.

T&T, Australia (Reading and Cleansing)

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