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Wagih Samweil is the founder of Egyptian Psychic Journey. Born in a town along the Nile in Upper Egypt, he has strong family and psychic roots there. Wagih always knew he had a gift. An inherited, authentic skill to intuitively sense, identify and interpret information, energies and knowledge. A gift identified by his grandmother when he was a child and gently nurtured and developed by her and an aunt for many years.

Wagih currently lives in Australia and returns to Egypt annually. He has become an internationally renowned Psychic and Egyptian Numerologist with proven accuracy. His work has led to Media, Radio, Television and Newspaper exposure and clients from many countries. He has appeared on Television in Australia on several occasions including A Current Affair and Channel 7 News. He was a regular for six months on a talk back show on Radio 98.7 and has written several articles for magazines and newspapers. Wagih was honored with the Victorian Psychic of the Year 2008 award from the Australian Psychics Association. He continues to be a Professional Member of the International Psychics Association.

Wagih is immensely proud of his heritage and the Land of Pyramids and Temples. A country steeped in mythology and spiritualism and known for its unexplainable and mystical history. What many people may not realize is that true Egyptian Psychics have worked since the time of the Pharaohs. Their actions are even reflected in the Bible. As one of the only Egyptian Psychics in Australia, Wagih works with psychic methods used since the Pharaonic times to guide and help people to cleanse and heal mentally, spiritually and physically. Only pure 100% authentic ingredients such as herbs, incense and perfumes imported from Egypt are used. His highly accurate card readings incorporating Egyptian numerology readings are renowned. However his psychic work removing obstacles and bad energy in matters dealing with love, family relationships and career is where his true strength comes into play and fulfillment lies.

Wagih is passionate about wanting to help you. But rest assured he will NEVER make a false promise or try to bluff you. Using the energies, power and knowledge of Ancient Egypt, he and his team will interpret your situation and work out what needs to be done to help you solve your problem or issue.

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