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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Egyptian Psychic Journey?

Wagih and his team take enormous pride in the quality of their psychic services and work. Our number one priority is to have our clients reach their needs and we will guide you step by step to help you get over your issue. Wagih considers himself a messenger from the Land of the Pharaohs and the deep knowledge and ability of him and his team will find a way to put your mind and thoughts at ease.

Wagih was born and raised in Egypt among a family with psychic abilities. Since a young age he has been drawn to the psychic field and the desire to help others. That desire to help people led him to become a registered nurse in Egypt and be part of the nursing profession for close to 8 years until he moved to Australia in 1991. Whilst in Australia he further honed his psychic abilities with the help and guidance of family members back in Egypt. The collective knowledge, wisdom and experience of Wagih and those family members led to the creation of Egyptian Psychic Journey so that more people outside of Egypt can have the opportunity to tap into the enormous power and strength of ancient Egypt.

Of course there are skeptics and non believers. We do not however judge anyone as we are all individuals with our own thoughts and beliefs. We do not force anyone to contact Egyptian Psychic Journey or seek our help. In fact there are countless service practitioners that offer to help people. However if you have decided to work with Sam and his team and place your trust in them, you should have peace in your heart as they really know what they are doing. They only provide psychic related services that they are highly experienced with and specialized in and that can really help to make a tangible difference to their clients’ wellbeing. The passion and talent of our team means that we will not give up on anyone that comes to us in good faith looking for help with their issue. Your happiness is our reward. We strongly believe that miracles really do happen and so do our clients.

What kind of readings do you do?

We only do Egyptian Card Readings. These readings are based on Egyptian symbols, Kings and Queens of ancient Egypt and the history that has been left by Pharaohs on the walls of Ancient Egyptian temples. Our skill, knowledge and interpretation of these cards allows us to identify your main problems or issues, past, present and future, with unbelievable accuracy.

As an Egyptian born psychic, you are in the wrong place and I cannot help you (and nor can anyone in our team) if for instance you are looking for a tarot card, palm, aura, gypsy, angel card or chakra reading.

Our Readings enable us to tell you what we see in your future, based on your current situation and actions. Your future is not set 100% in stone. If, after your Reading you make some changes to the way you are currently dealing with something, your future path will change. This is why our Readings (and Psychic Services) are so rewarding. It allows us to empower you to help yourself. To redirect your energies towards making decisions that help you move towards where you really want to be.

How long have you been a psychic for?

Wagih’s psychic abilities were identified by his grandmother when he was very young (7 years old) and those abilities were nurtured by her and then by his aunt for many years. Wagih has been providing Egyptian psychic readings and services for over 30 years. His testimonials demonstrate his high accuracy in interpreting personal situations through the Egyptian cards and the help provided to people to deal with major obstacles they have faced in their lives. Wagih and his team take enormous pride when they witness the satisfaction experienced and gratitude shown by so many of their clients.

Are there areas that you will not discuss or talk about?

We do not take the trust you place in Egyptian Psychic Journey lightly or for granted. We will never discuss your personal situation, problem or issue with anyone. Any information you provide is completely private and confidential. You have our word on that.

If you would like to leave a testimonial, we are most grateful to you for it as well as your approval to use it on our website or in other marketing related materials.

What if you are wrong about something?

We do not know of anyone living, including ourselves, that is 100% correct about every detail on every occasion. Nor do we claim to have a magic wand that we wave to make everything better. We provide insight and clarity on key areas of your life including your more significant issues and problems so that you can try to make things better or different. If however you are not satisfied with any of our work, we will happily redo it again, from the start, for free.

Do you guarantee your results / how high is the success rate of your work?

Please keep in mind that EVERY situation is different and results may vary. Having said that, if you have trusted Egyptian Psychic Journey with your problem or issue, we will do everything in our power to help you get the positive outcome you are after.

The clients we work with tend to have a belief and faith in our work. This mindset helps enormously with solving their situation. There has been the rare occasion where against our initial instincts we have agreed to work with someone and their predominant thought process was negative and cynical from the beginning. Their negativity and focus on why something could not work, as opposed to focusing on the positive, directly affected their actions and in turn the work we tried to do for them. We really enjoy the psychic work we do for our clients and the enormous satisfaction that comes with working with people that want to be helped and want to help themselves. Unfortunately some people cannot be helped or should look for assistance elsewhere. You will know what category you fall into and whether or not we will be an ideal fit when working together.

Our results will also be impacted if you provide us with incorrect information (eg wrong name(s) or wrong date of birth). This type of oversight is identified early as anything we say will be at odds or not make sense in the context of the reason why you have come to us.

I want to connect with or learn about a deceased loved one

This is not a service we offer at Egyptian Psychic Journey. If we knew of someone exceptional that specializes in this area we would happily recommend them to you. Unfortunately though we do not know of anyone as it is simply not an area we are familiar with or involved in at all.

I have a personal problem or issue I would like to talk to Sam or one of his team about

If you have a personal problem or issue that you would like help with, please book a Reading. Due to our commitments with clients we are currently working with as well as the overwhelming amount of emails Egyptian Psychic Journey receives from people needing assistance, we are unable to take the time to personally assist or comment on your situation.

If you just have one question, an Email Reading might be exactly what you need.

I need help finding a lost item

This is not a service we offer at Egyptian Psychic Journey.

Is what you do at Egyptian Psychic Journey evil or black magick?

No! We do NOT EVER deal with black magick or evil.

So please don’t even bother asking us if we could, maybe, just this one time, make an exception and put a curse or hex on someone.¬† Life is way too short for you to put your energies and focus into wanting to cause harm to someone else. And more often than not it is because of an insecurity or jealousy. We certainly won’t be compromising our values or integrity for anyone. Perhaps the benefits of a Personal Cleansing is something that might interest you?

Can I have a free or discounted Reading?

The current work schedule and commitments at Egyptian Psychic Journey does not allow us to offer free or discounted Readings or Psychic Services at this time.

Something has come up and I need to reschedule, maybe even cancel for the time being

Life happens, things change and we completely understand. We will always try to help you out as best we can. Depending however on the service being provided, our ability to be flexible reduces once we start preparing your work.

Given the nature of most of the services we provide, the timeframe needed to prepare specific work for you, often also requiring a personalized combination of imported Egyptian ingredients, there is only a very small window, subsequent to the receipt from you of the information requested after your booking and payment, before ingredients are combined and time is invested into your work.

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy provides further information regarding rescheduling, cancelling and refunding for each of our specific services.