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Home Cleansing



Postage of your Cleansing materials is FREE!



Your Home Cleansing will typically take you around 30 minutes to do.

Please note that we will need the information listed below from you prior to preparing your Cleansing materials. This will allow us to make sure that what we send you is tailored for your situation and in turn enhances the benefits to you of your Home Cleansing.

  1. Your first name ( Christian name / given name )
  2. A clear digital image of your face ( if you wear glasses, please remove them )
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Your mother’s first name (Christian name / given name)
  5. A brief written description of what it is that is concerning you about your home, its atmosphere ( for instance arguments, irritability, unease, jealousy ) and what you are feeling when you are there ( eg. little or no energy, feeling suffocated, having bad dreams ).


Once we have received the requested information from you, your Cleansing materials will be posted within 72 hours.