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Protection Evil Eye Ancient Egyptian Cat image
Do any any of these thoughts, emotions or situations sound all too familiar to you:
  • Are you tired of constantly battling negative thoughts?
  • Is someone you know in your friendship group or at your workplace jealous of you? Or jealous of your partner and your happiness? Or jealous of your success?
  • Have you been doing your utmost to focus on and achieve a goal but are having negative thoughts that someone is trying to pull you down about it? Or is there something disturbing your focus such as a past event or a bad memory?
  • As much as you hate to admit it, are you filled with envy or jealousy about someone you know?
  • Do you feel like you have tried everything to get over something, to not continually dwell on it (perhaps a lost love, bad memory or experience) but have had little success?
  • Are you worried that your home might have been cursed or hexed through jealousy?
  • Have you recently been having trouble sleeping and are afraid of something but you cannot quite work out what exactly it is? Or lately the minute you get to bed your mind races with mixed thoughts and emotions?
  • Perhaps you are stifled by self-doubt and struggling to move ahead? Is low self esteem a problem for you?
  • Perhaps someone is giving you the Evil Eye and sending you bad energy? Sometimes you may even feel as though you are being personally ‘attacked’ left, right and center.
  • Are you so scared of failure that you feel paralyzed to the point you have taken little if any action?
  • Do you feel like there is something stopping you from reaching your goals but you cannot pinpoint what that something is?
  • Do you have an upcoming holiday planned and instead of feeling super excited about it you are instead anxious about what might go wrong? Are you scared that you might not enjoy your time away? Or worried about losing your travel funds, missing a flight, or have concerns about your safety?
  • Do you want to keep your home safe from any bad energy coming from other family members, friends or neighbors? Does it sometimes feel like you may never experience the harmony and peace in your own home that you so crave?
  • When at home are you fed up with your children constantly arguing among themselves for no real reason and would do almost anything for some peace and quiet?
It is at times like this that it is important for you to know that you are definitely not alone and there are things you can do to help yourself.


Drawing on thousands of years of wisdom and the energies of exclusive symbols engraved into the walls of Egyptian temples and tombs, Egyptian Psychic Journey can help you access the healing powers and the energies of Ancient Egypt to help protect you. These Protections are quite miraculous as they work to shield you from the thoughts that can fill your mind and negatively impact your life and protect you from the Evil Eye, whether intentional or unintentional. Powerful herbs and oils are blended to make a Protection that is specific to your situation and can help you move forward in your daily life. The positive effects can often be felt within 72 hours.

A Protection is typically no larger than 3cm by 2cm. It is made in the shape of a pyramid, sealed and sent to you. When received you keep it in your wallet or pocket for at least 72 hours. Every situation is different and you will be advised what to do with your Protection after the time period has passed. This might involve for example burying your Protection under a tree or hanging it in a tree, or even throwing it into water. The Protection can last up to three years if you deal with it exactly as you are advised to.

Thank you so much for the protection you made for me. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have much faith but after I followed your instructions all my nightmares disappeared and I no longer have the awful dreams of being chased which exhausted and left me so tired the next day. I now feel like I am getting a good nights sleep. God bless and thank you.

Elizabeth, Australia

I am writing to say thank you for giving me the protection in particular from my ex boyfriend. I am feeling so much better since the awful break up and I know this has only happened because of your help. (I really didn’t think I could ever get over him.)

Your are amazing. Thank you.

Alicia, Australia

Hi Sam.

I just wanted to thank you (from the bottom of my heart) for the work you’ve done for me with protection for myself and my children. I’ve already noticed positive changes in the last 4 days. I am so grateful. Big thank you.

Libby, Australia

If there are emotions, feelings or a ‘something’ that is making you feel as though your life is not quite the way you expect it to be, a personalized Protection might just be the help you need to restore your faith and give you the strength and courage to move forward.

Every person’s Protection needs are specific and uniquely personal to them. The types of Protection are therefore endless and one size absolutely does not and cannot fit all.  Each Protection needs completely different combinations of herbs, oils and rituals depending on the situation. You can be confident that we will only make a Protection that specifically suits your situation as you describe it so that the best solution for you can be achieved.

A personalized Protection costs $185. A 3-5 day turnaround time from the time we receive your specific information subsequent to your booking to the time we post your Protection is guaranteed. Your personalized Protection will already be active when we post it to you but its true strength starts when you have physically received it and are holding it in your hands.


How To Order a Protection:
  1. Booking and payment for your Protection can be made here –  PROTECTION
  2. Subsequent to payment we will ask you for a brief description of your situation and the type of Protection you specifically would like custom made for you.
  3. Your personalized Protection will be posted to you, together with step by step instructions.


If you have some questions about how a personalized Protection can help your situation, EMAIL your contact details and we will be in touch.