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Resolve Relationship Problems and Issues


The quest for love is a high priority for many. For those fortunate to find it, many then spend years searching for ways to keep their relationship together and the flame of love alive. Sometimes relationship problems lead to hearts being broken when fate separates lovers or perhaps a partner has been tempted away, or even abandoned the family.

Regardless of the cause, skilled Psychics of this Ancient Egyptian land can draw on its mystical powers and energies to help in the search for true love or to heal broken hearts. They know that true love has a unique power of its own. By using their closely guarded recipes and processes to create and perfect unique and powerful blends of 100% authentic Egyptian herbs and specially crafted talisman infused with holy oils and the power of Angels, these Masters of the unexplainable, succeed in channeling and guiding this power to create peace and harmony between true lovers.

Wagih feels blessed and privileged to have inherited a gift to intuitively sense and interpret energies as well as the connection to become one of the Masters of the Land of the Pyramids and Temples. All matters especially dealing with uniting and regaining true love evokes a passion and sense of determination in Wagih that in most cases has a very high success rate.

Wagih is a strong believer in NOT EVER giving false hope. When he is responding to your request for guidance and help, you can be 100% confident that he and his team will access the energies, powers and knowledge of Ancient Egypt, interpret your situation and identify a unique solution, tailored specifically for what needs to be done to try to help fix your problems and heal your heartache. Wagih will not mince or sugar coat words. He will not try to bluff you or only tell you what you want to hear. With a cultural history that is intensely family orientated, matters of the heart are dealt with very seriously and he will not make false promises.

If you would like to explore how to recreate peace and harmony in your relationship and experience the exclusive restorative and emotionally healing powers of Egypt, leave your phone contact details and we’ll be in touch.

Wagih, you are the man! You knew straight away about my problem and also saw the truth straight away.

After a week or so, I could see that everything you said about my relationship with D was true. I am amazed and very happy to have the problem made clearer and starting to move towards a happy ending. I am still in awe of how right you were about everything.

Thank you for your caring help and advice with something that is so important to me.

Debra, Australia

Sam is a family man. He saved my marriage and my life. His work is accurate and quick. I pray to God every day for sending him across my path. My life is safe, blessed and I appreciate everything he has done for me.

Mary, Australia


I will be forever grateful for your help. Never have I felt as happy and as healthy as I do now. Words cannot express how by your help my life is now enriched with so much joy and I know this will always be. Before I saw you I felt that there were obstacles always in front of me, stopping me to move forward in work and personal. These obstacles now are no longer there. I know from this day forward my life will only be filled with happiness and ease.

Forever grateful and lots of love to you and your family.

Rita, Australia

Relationship and family problems and issues are a key focus and specialty of ours. Our promise to you is that no matter what the issue is, we will tap into your situation with the utmost care and work out whether or not we can in fact help you and if we can, how best to help you reach the outcome you are after. You will need to be patient though as there are no overnight solutions. Our work typically requires a combination of different rituals, different combinations of herbs, oils and incense and actions taken by you at different times. We will also need you to send us an item(s) that will form part of the work we do for you. This could be for example some hair from a specific part of the body, a clothes tag, a nail clipping or even a photo.

If a profound sense of relief is what you are after, you are more than welcome to have a confidential discussion about how we might be able to help you fix your relationship problem or concern. EMAIL your contact details and we will be in touch.