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Wagih (Sam) is a man with many qualities. His compassion, integrity and an incredible desire to help people have a happier and more empowered life led him to establish Egyptian Psychic Journey. The specialized psychic services offered are aimed at making a positive difference to you and your loved one’s lives and helping you help yourself.

Wagih is genuine and sincere with all his clients and he goes out of his way to make sure that you are relaxed, comfortable and reassured that by reaching out to him and his team, a step in the right direction has now been taken towards helping yourself create a better future.

Be warned though that Wagih is not afraid to speak his mind. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear what you don’t really want to hear. Using his intuitive abilities and knowledge as a true Psychic and Egyptian numerologist to sense, identify and interpret your unique situation, you can be confident that he will not sugar coat or fabricate what he sees. Rather you will be engaging a respected professional with a strong moral code and a commitment and adherence to the Ethics and Code of Conduct of the International Psychics Association and Australian Psychics Association.

Using the energies, power and knowledge of Ancient Egypt, Egyptian Psychic Journey will interpret your situation and identify a solution. A solution that is tailored specifically for what needs to be done to help you fix your problem or issue.

Sam has amazed me from the start because he knew straight away about my story of my relationship that has caused me so much happiness and so much pain too.

He told me to believe that the relationship would work out and although I felt hopeless about it, I tried my hardest to believe. And then everything he said began to come true and I have been amazed and I feel so blessed.

If it wasn’t for Sam I would have given up hope. It is really a miracle to me that my love has returned and Sam has been there for me right through it.

Thanks so much Wagih.

Debra, Australia

I met Sam a couple of years ago. He is the most sincere person and with his blessings my dreams and happiness came true. Sam is one of the kindest person I have fortunately had an opportunity to meet in my life and recommend when you feel a little lost and have lost your path a little in life. He will always help you back on the right path.

Denise, Australia (Reading and Cleansing)

Dear Sam

Thank you for all your help with me and my daughter’s issues. I have found you very kind, supportive and honorable in all matters as well as being true to your word.

My daughter’s emotional state has improved immensely directly, I believe due to your superior psychic abilities as well as your kind and caring approach with her (and myself).

The changes you have been able to make with my circumstances have been incredible and I am truly grateful. Your quality of work is very high and I appreciate that you are reassuring and supportive as well as providing guidance through the process of change for the better, which I believe you are facilitating.

Your passionate commitment to help is both inspiring and commendable. I encourage all to have faith and to be reassured that Sam is highly professional and an incredibly gifted psychic and honorable person.

Thank you for all you have done and for all you are doing. You are an amazing person.

Ally, Australia