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Throughout the centuries, true psychics of Egypt have been learning, practicing and refining how to harness and move the healing energies inextricably linked to the Land of Temples and Pyramids into a customized charm to bring you positive energy, good luck, harmony and attraction to love.

Successfully linking spiritual energy with the active power from Ancient Egypt, in the form of a customized and hand made Talisman, is a blessing now available to anyone outside Egypt, through Egyptian Psychic Journey.

Using his inherited gift and carefully nurtured and crafted skills to intuitively sense, identify and interpret information, energies and knowledge, Wagih will ensure that your Talisman is personalized so that it balances and lifts energy levels, draws in good luck, positive energy and all its healing and loving benefits. So what was once only available to Pharaohs and the elite of ancient Egypt is now available to you and your loved ones.

All Talismans are $195. After we receive the information we ask of you, preparation time takes 2-3 days.

A Talisman is fantastic for relatively minor problems and issues. It brings you positive energy and can help you in all areas of your life. However if you have a major problem, a Talisman on its own cannot perform miracles. We want to be clear on this as we do not want you to be disappointed or have unrealistic expectations. If a Talisman is part of very specific work we do on a more significant personal problem or issue, its strength can be truly powerful.


How To Order a Talisman:
  1. Booking and payment for your Talisman can be made here –  TALISMAN
  2. At the time of making your booking and payment, you will need to also provide a brief description of your situation and the type of Talisman you would like custom made for you. We will then advise via email what materials you may need to send to us (eg a photo, a clothes tag, or some hair).
  3. Your personalized Talisman will be posted to you within 3 days of receiving the requested information.

If you have some questions or would like more information about the different types of Talisman we can do for you, please EMAIL us with details about the kind of charm you would like and we will come back to you as soon as we can.